Wedding at Villa la Ferdinanda Artimino

Sara and Giacomo are a very lovely couple, and they choose one of the most beautiful location in Tuscany for their wedding: the big, stunning Villa Artimino La Ferdinanda. It’s one of the best wedding location in Tuscany, and I was so happy to shoot there.

During the getting ready of the bride my attention was caught by Artù, their 2-month old black cat, a little ball of fur that run and scretch everything was on his way (even my photographic bag, unfortunately). I waited for him to be almost sleeping on the sofa to take a very original shot of the wedding rings.

After the chatolic ceremony in the church of S.Chiara and S.Francesco a Montughi, we move to Villa la Ferdinanda, where the dinner took place in the amazing Sala dell’Orso. We take some couple shots in the garden, the light of the sunset was so beautiful and warm, and also some last couple pictures during the night, with the beautiful villa as background.


001-dettaglio-gemelli-sposo 002-accessori-sposo 003-groom-getting-ready 004-preparazione-sposo-firenze 005-scarpe-dello-sposo 006-ritratto-sposo 007-groom-in-his-house 008-getting-ready-pictures 009-bouquet-da-sposa-rose-bianche 010-accessori-sposa 011-partecipazioni-divertenti 012-dettagli-della-sposa 013-bride-getting-ready 014-cats-and-wedding 015-gattino-al-matrimonio 016-gioielli-sposa-foto 017-trucco-sposa-firenze 018-hair-and-make-up-for-wedding-florence 019-fotografia-della-sposa 020-a-casa-della-sposa 021-abito-da-sposa-romantico 022-wedding-dress 023-indossare-abito-da-sposa 025-vestizione-della-sposa 024-abito-con-bottoncini 026-accessori-abito-romantico 027-matrimonio-artimino 028-matrimonio-emozionante 029-chiesa-montughi-firenze 030-ingresso-sposo 031-arrivo-sposa-chiesa-montughi-firenze 032-groom-with-maid-of-honour 033-here-comes-the-bride 034-ingresso-in-chiesa-emozionante 035-larrivo-della-sposa 036-il-padre-della-sposa 037-cerimonia-cattolica-firenze 037-matrimonio-a-montughi 038-genitori-degli-sposi-in-chiesa 039-happy-bride-during-ceremony 040-telling-the-vows 041-scambio-delle-promesse 042-cermionia-religiosa 043-scambio-degli-anelli 044-wedding-rings 045-cerimonia-religiosa-montughi-firenze 046-wedding-in-florence 047-il-primo-bacio 048-lancio-del-riso 049-throw-the-rice 050-wedding-kiss 051-wedding-with-granny 052-abbraccio-con-gli-amici 053-villa-la-ferdinanda 054-matrimonio-ad-artimino 055-allestimento-matrimonio-artimino 056-sposi-a-villa-la-ferdinanda 057-disney-bride-florence 058-wedding-at-artimino 059-kiss-in-tuscany-countryside 060-servizio-di-coppia-matrimonio 061-matrimonio-a-firenze 062-fotografo-di-matrimonio-economico 063-fotografo-bravo-a-firenze 064-ricevimento-ad-artimino 065-wedding-at-villa-la-ferdinanda 066-sala-dellorso 067-ingresso-al-ricevimento 068-wedding-table-sitting 069-wedding-reception 070-ricevimento-di-matrimonio 071-torta-nuziale-vespa 072-torta-nuziale-artimino 073-bacio-degli-sposi 074-brindisi-agli-sposi 075-wedding-wine 076-dance-with-father 077-father-with-daughters 078-ballo-nuziale-con-il-padre 079-balli-nuziali 080-primo-ballo 081-first-dance 082-wedding-party-gaetano-sicari 083-lancio-della-giarrettiera 084-matrimonio-momenti-divertenti 085-lancio-del-bouquet 086-she-takes-the-bouquet 087gaetano-sicari-dj-party 088-villa-la-ferdinanda-notturna 089-matrimonio-ad-artimino

Cerimonia: Chiesa di S.Chiara e S.Francesco a Montughi, Firenze

Ricevimento: Artimino (PO) Villa la Ferdinanda

Musica: Gaetano Sicari DJ


Hair & Make up: B&G Firenze

Fotografo: Silvia Mazzei Fotografa.

Silvia Mazzei Fotografo di Matrimonio - Toscana, Italia

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