Once upon a time there was a house in the mountains, a Jujitsu belt and a Lego tattoo ...

Elisa and Francesco and their alternative wedding: when we met for the first time, they told me about their wishfor a "different" wedding. Actually, Elisa's words were, more or less: " yes, we're getting married , but it will be practically like a pizza night with our friends, at our family house. At a certain point of the day we'll sure put on some sport clothes and play volleyball. "

I arrived at their home in San Godenzo, Tuscany, a chalet literally in the middle of nowhere. The atmosphere I perceived, and which I then tried to reproduce in the wedding photographs, was absolutely happy and relaxed, of pure fun together.

it rained a lot, but this didn't spoiled the uniqueness of the party: as Elisa's father - who presented himself to me in the Motorhead shirt - told me as we went to town hall for the civil ceremony, on board of the family's green Westafalia: "we are a no-anxiety family, if it rains, no problem at all! We are all together, it's the only thing that matters, we will have fun anyway". And it rained a lot, while Elisa and Francesco exchanged vows again with a symbolic ceremony at the house (after the official one) celebrated by their Brazilian Jujitsu teacher, on the tatami. Their happiness and the wish to party and have fun together made everyone, myself included, totally forget the bad weather.

The alternative wedding of Elisa and Francesco - after amazing couple pictures, at the first ray of sunshine after the storm - obviously ended in beer, "lampredotto" handmade, a lot of 90s dance music, and with Elisa dancing in white pajamas!

Thanks to Elisa and Francesco for the wonderful opportunity to bring something absolutely incredible out of a situation I've never experienced before. I loved your wedding from the first to the last moment, freeing myself for once from the anxiety of having to "do" and photographing in a light, intuitive, spontaneous way . My photographic style has reached a new goal thanks to this wedding, with a lightness that I hope to be able to bring as a gift to all my next couples.

A huge thanks to Lorenzo, my very precious second photographer!

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