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Wedding proposal in Florence 9 Gennaio 2018 / Couple and Portrait Once upon a Time there was a cloudy day, the Florence's landscape and a ring... First things are always special. This was my first wedding proposal photoshooting, I loved it, I want to make a lot mor... READ MORE Engagement in Monteriggioni’s Castle 19 Luglio 2017 / Couple and Portrait I know that there is something strange, magical, when you start to call someone "part of my family". With pets it's always the same story, starting with "ok, we take him home, but he will stay in the ... READ MORE Tuscany wedding portrait photographer Engagement in Florence 25 Maggio 2017 / Couple and Portrait A romantic and fun engagement in Florence, with an awesome couple from France, Sabrina and Arnaud. Sabrina and Arnaud contacted me for their intimate wedding, and we decided to make a few engagemen... READ MORE Love Session in Boboli Garden 3 Aprile 2017 / Couple and Portrait A very romantic autumn engagement, a love session in the magnificent Boboli Garden in Florence. Thomas and Alina and their autumn-inspired engagement photoshooting. READ MORE Bacio fotografato Engagement photoshooting in Florence’s Park 29 Marzo 2017 / Couple and Portrait Irene and Yari are a very sweet couple. I asked them to make an engagement photoshooting in Florence’s Park of Cascine, the biggest park of Florence, because I had to test my new Nikon D750, bought a ... READ MORE Short Love Photo Session in Florence 29 Marzo 2017 / Couple and Portrait If you’re planning to visit Italy with your fiance, husband, wife or with your family, maybe you would like a remember of those happy days spent here: this is why you should book a photo shooting in I... READ MORE Family photo shooting 3 Marzo 2017 / Couple and Portrait Be part of a series of special moments in the life of two people is one of the favorite parts of my job. I met Sandra during a special moment, while she was the maid of honor at the marriage of my ... READ MORE How should I dress? 3 Febbraio 2017 / Couple and Portrait "awesome, Silvia, we want to do the couple shooting... but ... How should we dress? " Every couple that book me for an engagement, a maternity service or another type of shooting ask me that questi... READ MORE Waiting For Leo – Maternity Shooting 30 Gennaio 2017 / Couple and Portrait Sweet and colorful: so was the maternity photo shoot by Laura and Francesco, who along await the arrival of the little Leonardo. We spent an afternoon together in the woods of Vallombrosa, in early... READ MORE
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