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unione civile in palazzo vecchio Same sex wedding in Florence – Linda and Bianca 26 Aprile 2018 / Last Works Once Upon a Time there was a strange, happy girl, a delicate and elegant girl, and the God of love that hugged them... same sex wedding in Florence. Life is a long list of first times. As I always sa... READ MORE destination wedding Italy lake Katrine and Trond – Lake Orta Wedding 26 Aprile 2018 / Last Works Once Upon a Time there was a sunny day in June, a norwegian bride and a magical lake in northen Italy... Lake Orta Wedding. It's really amazing for a wedding photographer, when you get call to shot... READ MORE romantic and intimate wedding pictures Wedding in Vincigliata Castle 23 Gennaio 2018 / Weddings Once upon a time there was a princess, a prince and a magical castle... The love story of Arianna and Daniele has all the classical elements of a real fairytale. Their wedding was magical, from the... READ MORE Wedding proposal in Florence 9 Gennaio 2018 / Couple and Portrait Once upon a Time there was a cloudy day, the Florence's landscape and a ring... First things are always special. This was my first wedding proposal photoshooting, I loved it, I want to make a lot mor... READ MORE Tuscany wedding photographer Wedding in San Gimignano – Giada & Alessio 5 Ottobre 2017 / Last Works Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful villa in the heart of Tuscany, a beautiful couple and a blonde sweet daughter... These are the main elements of the love story of Giada e Alessio, married in ... READ MORE Engagement in Monteriggioni’s Castle 19 Luglio 2017 / Couple and Portrait I know that there is something strange, magical, when you start to call someone "part of my family". With pets it's always the same story, starting with "ok, we take him home, but he will stay in the ... READ MORE
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