I know that there is something strange, magical, when you start to call someone “part of my family”. With pets it’s always the same story, starting with “ok, we take him home, but he will stay in the garden, outside our house”, passing through “ok, darling, just for the night, it’s cold outside, you can stay on the carpet of the kitchen”. And again “ok, you can sleep on the bed with us, but just for tonight…”, ending with “Sweetie! Mummy is home! Let’s take you to a walk to Grandpa’s house, then I’ll cook for you this precious beef…”

Every pet lover should recognize in this sentences. And every pet lover can’t say when was the exact moment the dog or the cat became officialy part of the family. But there’s only one thing for sure: your dog, or your cat, or other pet you have, is a family member just like your mum, dad and uncle.

Spank is the third member of Ary & Dani’s family: his “mum and dad” will marry on the next september. So, when we decided to go to Monteriggioni’s castle for their engagement photos, they were sure that Spank should come with us, and be in the photos himself.

Monteriggioni is a very wonderful, hystorical place to go for an engagement shooting: typical tuscan colors, walls, nature, in a quiet and “out of the world” piece of art. Monteriggioni is very small, but it is so romantic.

If you too would like to have some pictures with your family, even if some members have a lot of fur, contact me! I’m a very pet lover, we will spend great time together!

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