“awesome, Silvia, we want to do the couple shooting… but … How should we dress? “

Every couple that book me for an engagement, a maternity service or another type of shooting ask me that question. Choosing the right clothing can change significantly the final look of the photographs, so it is essential to pay particular attention to this aspect. Here are a few tips on how to match the clothes for the couple.

1 – Choose what represent you – don’t be afraid to choose a theme, if this represents your couple, your family, your lifestyle, that is casual, basic rock, formal …  If you want something with a more detailed theme, don’t be afraid to ask me: I love everything that goes outside the box!

2 – Fashion, but comfortable! -Remember that you have to feel comfortable in what you wear. If you feel uncomfortable, your expressions will betray you, and will be reflected in photography. So: don’t put on 15 cm of heel if you’ve never taken them, don’t shake in a pencil skirt if you feel good only in jeans. Choose what makes you feel good.

3- Same look for both – the man in jeans & shirt and the woman in long prom dress is not working. Follow the point 1 and wear the same kind of attire of your partner. Remember that you will appear together in the photos, so you’ll have to combine your attires.

4-The right size pays off – following the point 2, choose clothes that are good on you, with the right size, which fall well on the shoulders and enhance the shape of your body.

5-white yes … but not too much – avoid wearing a total white. Solid colors too light makes your skin look paler and flatten all photographs. Long live the colors! (following the recommendations of number10)

6-Accessories? YEEEEAH! – Hats, hair bands, necklaces, scarves, jewelry, outerwear … accessories are the real secret of a perfect photo shooting look. Combine them with what you choose to wear (the point 1 is the master here: follow the style you set), and don’t be afraid to put on a little more. You can always remove something, but if you don’t have them with you we will not be able to add.

7-Good welcome to layer clothing – I always suggest an outfit of different layers: t-shirt + jacket + scarf for example. The layers increase the depth and improve the appearance in photography.

8-color, color, color – Always holding the point 1 (style) and point 10 (pairing) choose colors. Add tone color makes a difference. And  the accessories are that best lend themselves to be colored: a basic neutral outfit with colorful accessories always wins.

9-timeless – the natural and timeless look that we admire so much in photography doesn’t like large prints, logos, written on clothes: it’s best to avoid them (unless you have voluntarily chosen a style that requires them)

10 – Color match, this great mystery – the combination of colors is one of the most difficult parts. Choose, depending on the style, the color palette that best suits you. Remember you are in a couple: in addition to match your clothes among them, you will need to be matched with your partner. So here are a couple of tips of matching:

10A – Contrasts with dresses in neutral colors (grey-black-cream): if she dresses light colours, he wears dark colours and vice versa. Choose conflicting tones.

10B – coloured dresses, not both: If you have a bright and colorful dress, he makes up for it with something less gaudy.

10C – textures and patterns, not both: as for the colorful, if she chooses a dress with a textured, he will compensate with a solid outfit, or with a lighter texture.

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