Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful couple, pampas flowers everywhere and the beauty of the Tuscan countryside…

In the heart of the enchanting Val d'Orcia area in Tuscany, nestled among rolling hills and picturesque vineyards, lies Villa Boscarello, a true Tuscan gem. This was the perfect setting for the intimate destination wedding of Julian and Julianne, who decided to retreat in this paradise with their immediate families – for a guest count of only 19 people, kids included - to celebrate their love.


The wedding celebration started with a pizza party, perfectly managed by Pometti’s chef: the Tuscan sunset among the hills as a perfect background, and the warm to be among the most important people of their life settled up a evening that Julian and Julianne will cherish forever.

The pizza party as a welcome dinner is a perfect idea for your intimate destination wedding, and so is hiring your wedding photographer to document that event: all the guests are more relaxed, leaving you also some “casual” memories that are important as the wedding itself.  


To be honest: I am a super fan of pampas grass. I LOVE THEM! So, when I got to Villa Boscarello for the wedding day, I was incredibly happy to see that the couple’s impeccable taste for details transformed the event into a captivating masterpiece. Every element was a reflection of the bride’s vision of the intimate destination wedding of her dreams, starting with the breathtaking flower arrangements.

Pampas grass took center stage, adding an ethereal touch to the ceremony. Its feathery plumes, swaying gracefully in the Tuscan breeze, paired with an array of romantic flowers in a neutral tone palette, the arrangements were a masterpiece of understated elegance, perfectly settled by the florist Flowers Wed, transported me into a dreaming fairy tale!


Julianne and Julian are the couple that every wedding photographer in Tuscany can dream of, and not for their awesome look. They were deeply and totally in love with each other, and wanted to really live the event, letting nothing bother them, not even a storm in the middle of the Al Fresco reception – settled up in the amazing courtyard of Villa Boscarello - that forced everyone to quickly run inside with their Pici alla Bolognese in one hand and the glass of wine in the other!

 I always says to my couples: it’s your attitude that make the wedding perfect or not. Don’t let the unpredictable events ruin your happiness and your joy.

I will remember forever also their families, the welcome all the guests gave me was so warm and king I really felt part of the group for the full weekend, being able to give them the truly best of my wedding photography. Julianne, Julian and their families will have forever a special place in my heart – and in my website, can you see how stunning the wedding pictures came out! –

Thank you so much to my couple and all the people that worked so hard to make this intimate destination wedding at Villa Boscarello in Tuscany the dream wedding.

Bride: @juliannemicheles
Groom: @juliandevincenzo
Venue & planner: @carlotta_pometti
Flowers: @flowers.wed
Hair and Makeup: @tuscan_beautyartists_with_love
Photographer: @silvia_wedding_photographer

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