Once Upon a Time there was a couple from Canada, Villa Catignano and a stunning luxury Tuscan wedding…

When it comes to destination weddings, there is no location like Tuscany and its timeless beauty. This corner of the world, knowing for its hills, vineyard and historic villa, is the perfect stage to celebrate unforgettable love stories. In the very heart of Tuscany, really close to Siena, lies Villa Catignano: a spectacular 16th century old villa that with its mansion, the courtyard and the garden is the perfect setting for a luxury Tuscan wedding.

The three-day event was organized as perfection by the wedding planner The Wedding Knot: Dashiell and her staff took care of all the 90 guests from Canada attending the wedding, and settled up all the arrangements and the atmosphere just as Salome and Quentin wished for.

A Family Style welcome dinner

A luxury Tuscan wedding can start only with a charming welcome dinner, hosted the evening before the event. The setting was Villa Catignano’s beautiful backyard, with a rustic and family atmosphere: long wooden tables, arranged with traditional red and white squared tablecloth, tomatoes and garden greenery to complete the setting. The guests arrived in a stunning array of monochromatic outfits following the “black and white dress code” demanded by the bride, creating a visually striking contrast with the lush greenery of the villa's gardens.

Salome decided to stand out with a lace mermaid gown in a bold shade of red, perfectly reflecting her vibrant personality. Quentin, the groom, looked equally dashing in a classic black tuxedo, complementing the color scheme and creating a harmonious contrast.

The Fairytale Wedding Day

For the wedding day, Salome chosed to respect the natural beauty of the villa with delicate and elegant flower arrangements, made by Crilu Flowers. Only white roses in simple and small vases for the reception, staged with perfection in the courtyard with three big imperial tables under the fairylights, giving the romantic and fairy atmosphere that Salome was looking for her luxury Tuscan wedding.

Speaking of luxury, for her wedding day Salome chose the most incredible, fairytale wedding gown I had ever seen: a big ballgown covered with rhinestones, making her a breathtaking princess, just like she came out from a Disney movie.

The heat of the day forced us to postpone the ceremony and to shoot the pictures after sunset, but the amazing fairylights of the reception area gave us all the atmosphere we wanted, for the best result possible.

Against the backdrop of the Tuscan countryside and the delicate beauty of white roses, this three days event in Villa Catignano was a celebration of romance, elegance, and the joy of bringing people together.

I thank the couple, Salome and Quentin, Dashiell the wedding planner and all the supplier involved for the teamwork and the opportunity to shoot the story of this luxury Tuscan Wedding in Villa Catignano.

All the suppliers involved:

Wedding Planner: @theweddingknotdashiell
Venue: @villa_catignano
Hair and Make up: @giuliaditerlizzi
Flowers: @criluflowers
Videographer: @weddingkeystudio
Music: @deb_jones_livemusic
Photographer: @silvia_wedding_photographer

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