A world made of family, cats, love and passion , handmade objects, nerd stuff, games, tv series, wrestling, and more… but, above all this, a world made of photography, a lot of photography!

Who I am?

If I had to describe me to someone, i’d never use words, I’d show some photos. Photography was, for my entire life, like a silent companion, following me in any moment, drawing and putting every part of my life on paper. So, my decision to study as a photographer was natural to me. I graduated in Photography for Fashion and cinema post production after 5 years of study.

What I do?

I opened my photo studio in 2013 in Florence, in a location that totally talks about me: all white&ivory (with a touch of my beloved blue), everything in wood&glass, with a bright and powerful light, always full of handmande things, experiments, nerd collectable toys (like a BB-8 candy box). In my messy dungeon I spend all of my day, searching the best way to do what I love most: create emotional and strong pictures. In 2015 I became a member of ANFM, the most important association for wedding photography in Italy. In 2015 I also made “Gioia”, a wedding album in wood, totally handmade in Italy.

Why portrait wedding photography?

Portrait photography is a continuos and neverending trial: represent a person, his life, his feelings, his emotions, his thoughts in a one, simple, clean image on a piece of paper is very difficult. The job isn't just take the picture: you have to work hard before, during and after taking it, you have to know the person that is in front of you, that ask to be photographed. You have to enter inside his mind, understand him and pull out everything, just to put it back in into the picture. WOW. Why portrait, and of course, wedding photography? Because I love this. Love to connect with people, be part of their life for a little bit, feel their emotions, their sensations, their thoughts on my skin, and put everything in the images.
Be a Portrait and Wedding photographer is the piece that complete my life
here’s some photos of me, my family, my life: ENJOY my world!