Once upon a time there was Florence, the gold and rose sunrise light and a couple from USA…

When it comes to choose a location for your engagement shooting, Florence comes immediately to the mind, with its magical background, ts cobblestone streets and Renaissance architecture. But tourists and crowd around you can be very challenging during spring and summer time; so  a sunrise photoshoot in Florence offers an unparalleled, once in a lifetime experience. 

That was the choice of my couple; we met at Piazzale Michelangelo at sunrise, where the stillness of the early morning hours created the perfect stage for intimate and enchanting engagement photos; our photoshooting was filled by the ethereal light and tranquil atmosphere, creating a dreamlike setting.

After that we walked by the city, where Florence's iconic landmarks became an integral part of the photoshoot's narrative. The stunning Palazzo Vecchio and his statues, the magnificent Piazza della Signoria and last but not least Piazza del Duomo with the cathedral, provided us an idyllic backdrop for capturing the essence of the love and the connection between my couple, just before all the people and tourists starts to wake up and walk the street.

 It was really worth it, we had the opportunity to have the city entirely for us and capture beautiful and unforgettable memories

I used all my photo style, with the most delicate and romantic approach I could have to this engagement photoshoot, to create the most evoking photographs. 

A sunrise photoshoot in Florence, Italy, offers the best opportunity to capturing eternal love. The ethereal light and timeless charms, bonded with my unique photo style and my delicate and romantic approach, creates cherished mementos, transporting the couple back to that unforgettable sunrise and reminding them of the love they share.

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